Working dogs

As we’ve been making our way across the meseta, we’ve had some terrific experiences, including two of my favorite days on the Camino. I’m working on a few more substantive blogs, but in the mean time, here’s a cool video Anne-Claire shot of a shepherd moving his flock through Castrojeriz.

We came around a corner to find him waiting for a clear lane through the sporadic traffic with a hundred or so sheep. Every so often, he’d whistle and throw a tiny rock, and the dogs would wheel the flock to the left or to the right. In the midst of the pandemonium every time the sheep moved is a donkey who’s sort of a center of calm in the herd. I used to work for a guy who said you need only watch the way the blindly follow each other and you can see why religious texts compare us humans to sheep so frequently. I don’t think it’s a compliment.

3 thoughts on “Working dogs”

  1. Maybe, there’s more to the sheep analogy in Chirstian tradition and practice. I don’t think the “blindly following” element – if it is implied at all – is what’s important. It’s that Jesus the Christ merits the title of “good shepherd”: because He knows ALL of his followers (His sheep) and they ALL know Him and follow Him. Like the shepherd in your video, He nurtures and guides the sheep. And, He does what it takes to protect the sheep, even when His life is in the balance. Love. Dad.


  2. Hi guys
    Looks like you are having a fabulous time. When do you come back?
    Amy is getting married on July 4th
    Would love to have you there!


    1. Hi Nina! So sorry we won’t be back in time for the wedding. Hope you all have a wonderful time celebrating a very happy day.


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