Wind Energy

As we walk the Camino, we’ve been lucky to have constant breezes. Though its sometimes a bit chilly, it’s been a welcome respite from the heat as we’ve begun to cross central Spain over the past few days.

It’s also a source of energy, and wind farms are everywhere here in Spain. To hear Amable and Michel talk about it, to the residents of Castrillo de Murcia (and probably just about every other tiny hill town in Spain), the construction of these “ecological parks” was contentious, as some folks didn’t want their view obstructed. I can sympathize, I suppose, but there’s also a certain beauty to the massive spinning blades, especially when it might mean even a step toward our independence from fossil fuels.

Here’s a quick look at a wind farm that we passed on our fourth day, about 10 kilometers from Pamplona.

One thought on “Wind Energy”

  1. The contemporary “windmills” have a certain majesty and quiet beauty in their efficiency. Too bad the USA doesn’t put money into them. Why do we in the USA ignore the devastation – permanent devastation – wrought by practices such as stripmining and mountain-top removal to get to the non-renewable, environmentally disastrous energy source coal? At least, those in governmental and judicial control in the USA are consistent: bicycling is not supported and is treated as a childish nuisance. It takes real humility to learn from our neighbors throughout the world. Your worda and pictures, John and Anne-Claire, always a pleasure and are enlightening.


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