Sounds from Paris

At immigration in Frankfurt, when we told the officer we were going to Paris, he asked, ‘You are going to the town auf lof?’

He had to repeat it a few times for us to understand that he was saying ‘town of love,’ but once we got it, it became a recurring joke throughout our visit to Paris.

A lot of writers have captured the visual beauty of Paris, so I won’t spend much time ham-handedly trying to put my own stamp on a city that defies hyperbole. We spent four days walking the city – stopped at the Louvre, climbed l’Arc de Triomphe, trekked the gardens at Versailles, and found a perfect restaurant called Vins et Terroirs in the Latin Quarter (I didn’t think the taste and appearance of French cooking could be that fantastic – I was dead wrong.)

In the presence of so much grandiosity to the point of being overwhelmed, I started looking for more subtle ways to experience the city. I made a few recordings to share what we’ve been listening to (sorry for the quality).

On the way to the Louvre, we got caught in a rainstorm, so we ducked under the bridge to the Tuileries Garden and had an impromptu concert from a street musician.

Later that day, a puppeteer hopped into our metro car and gave us a little show.

One of my favorite sites in Paris is Notre Dame, so I recorded the bells at around 7 one evening.

In a metro station, this string group was playing as we waited for the train.

Finally, as we were heading to the train station on Tuesday to leave Paris, it was the ‘Fete de la Musique,’ a nationwide celebration of music, and this band was playing.

Again, I’m sorry for the quality and let me know via email or comments if you can’t listen to them for some reason.


3 thoughts on “Sounds from Paris”

  1. Hi John and Anne-Claire! Love the blog, and keeping up with you two! The clips sound great! I love the “sax under the bridge” with the rain and the Notre Dame bells. Cannot wait for more updates! Hope you’re having a wonderful time!


  2. This is fun, John, and the sound quality isn’t that bad at all.

    The blog is terrific. I look forward to seeing every new installment listed in my Google Reader account.

    We’re going to an early party this afternoon for Tracie’s birthday and we’ll think of you and Anne-Claire in Paris headed way off yonder to Africa.


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